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Tips in Helping Your Child Cope with Shyness

When you see that your child tends to show many signs of shyness, you must learn ways in order to act on the situation while you can still control them. In doing so, you are helping them to become better and you are also trying to prepare them face the future with the kind of confidence that they need. People can carry this kind of attitude until they are already matured. You must act on it while they are still young and they are still trying to evolve to the kind of person that they are going to be.

There are many negative effects of this attitude that is why you really have to act on the situation while you still can.

Here are some of the characteristics that are being shown by children who are shy. These also present the negative effects that the attitude can give them, which is why you need to help them while you still can.

1. They will have difficulty making friends. People will find them aloof and sort of stuck up. Their peers may interpret such aloofness as sign of disinterest to befriend anyone. Other people may also try to take advantage of them. They may feel superior over your child that they may find ways to push them to do certain things that they don't really want to.

2. They will lack social skills and may even tend to fear away from social gatherings. As a result, they would often feel lonely because these skills are necessary for their emotional development and growth.

3. They won't be able to improve on their communication skills. They don't have much exposure to people. They are stuck with you and other close relatives and individuals. They are missing out a lot of chances to learn more about other people and may also find it very hard relating to them. This can also result to so many bottled up emotions because they haven't learned quite well how to express their feelings.

Prevention is Cure

You must act on the situation while you still have time and your child is still young. The attitude may bring more problems if you won't at least try to do something to lessen it and improve your child's attitude through time. Here are some things that you can do in this regard.

1. Teach them how to behave in social situations by being a good example. You must also tell them about the value of friendship and how they can gather and maintain their real friends as they grow.

2. You must expose them to functions where they will be able to meet many people. Little by little, allow them to come out of their shells on their own.

If you have done everything but you don't see any changes on your child's shyness, do not pressure them to become who you want them to be. Try to appreciate them as a whole and focus on their talents and other good characteristics so that they can hone these further despite their lack of other social skills.


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